Beauty Influence: from the URL to IRL

Thursday, September 12, 2019
3:00 PM US Eastern
2:00 PM US Central
1:00 PM US Mountain
12:00 PM US Pacific

Social media has expanded the beauty industry – and influencer – to unrivaled information access (in the form of tutorials, community and demos). What’s anticipated as a $2.3 billion influencer market by 2020, investing in the right influencers is often expensive and time-consuming at a time when beauty brands cannot afford to neglect their brick-and-mortar touch points..

But what if an investment in a better sales field team garnered the prestige of social media too? 

Challenging the conventional sales model, Beauty Barrage exists as the beauty brand partner that transcends both digital and physical channels, by educating and training its team of “micro-influencers” to treat each brand as if it is their own. Join Beauty Barrage’s chief executive officer and founder, Sonia Summers, as she shares how Brand Ambassadors are the only team needed to make beauty brands relevant online and in store.


In this digital event, attendees will learn:

  • The role of digital influence and “micro-influencers” as it relates to driving the in-store experience and sales.

  • Social media’s impact on beauty trends and the ways brand leaders, or rather “Brand Ambassadors,” are capturing this content and creating community online and offline.

  • The importance of education in crafting a vital selling force, and what technology enables it.

  • The makings of better IRL experiences, and how brands can bolster them with the right human touch.

About Sonia Summers

Sonia Summers

Sonia Summers

Sonia Summers is a beauty maverick whose sole purpose is to slay the archaic retail sales support model with a modern sales force that stays and plays with the customer to increase sales.

After unlocking the mystery of achieving sell thru at retail, Sonia launched Beauty Barrage, an outsourced sales management agency complete with a highly successful and modern field team. 

Sonia developed a new breed of brand ambassadors that are also micro-influencers.  They interact with customers by providing educational and engaging experiences that build brand loyalty and awareness. 

Beauty Barrage doesn’t hire freelancers, all 300+ beauty professionals throughout North America, are W2 employees.

Sonia has also pioneered a proprietary APP with GeoFencing, that includes a real-time client portal housing monthly schedules, daily shift data, trends and sales analytics – in REAL time. 

Sonia started Beauty Barrage after having led an impressive career with several global brands such as Avon and Valeant Pharmaceuticals (Kinerase Skincare).

About Kaley Roshitsh

Kaley Roshitsh

Kaley Roshitsh

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